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  1. is it possible to have an english only website. translator is terrible from google. or?Also on a front page - highlight of the key advantages of zbc to OTHER coins. like 12% pos. 2.8 million supply .. .multiple wallets to choose from. ZilberPay with internal dex.
  2. good news if not posted. a site i use a lot of zbc and correct symbol too ... https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/ZilberCoin There is one error. zbc is minable.. or stake.
  3. ill be happy when i can break even on this coin which is about at least 20 cents or 10000 sats. so far waited a year lol.. not much hope in this with such immense projects elsewhere taking off and progressing.. apollo will take over the entire market in 6 months.. national currency in african nation imminent.
  4. why hasnt coinmarketcap listed zbc after this new project out over a year? wth is going on?
  5. the project should consider this exchange in russia. https://utex.io/ they will be up soon from maintenance and hold trading competitions. and kucoin! that is a way to show zbc to many.. also the website for zbc needs serious redesign.. look at my project website bitgrin.io. we are going to take privacy to new level.. all the features with grin but limited supply and mimblewimble protocol. invest now before too late. the website should be bold letters like this only 2.8 million supply. secure as btc.. 12% earnings on staking per year. ZilberPay ecosystem with CC and internal exchange. mobile desktop and web wallets. there now pay me now for marketing! lol..
  6. you will be invested in projects such as bat and earn money. so underwater on this project still lol. lesson learned.
  7. why for liquidity and for ability to increase price naturally.. no one uses livecoin. everyone uses binance. or huobi. or coinbase pro or bitmex. to name a few. coins rocket in value on larger exchanges. exposure. ability to sell quickly and painlessly.. exactly. this project stopped in nov 2018 imo .. contstant delays .. no new exchanges. and no coinmarketcap rating or data updates. dead.
  8. it will go much lower than this price.
  9. Hmm really? I have heard this before. no longer minting any new coins either. github for the project empty.. should be open source to community so investors can see progress completed. transparent that way..
  10. move all profits each trade into usdc and usdt. no losses lately.. up 300% on several trades. latest one to watch is eos and xrp. both showing signs of big moves coming.

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